Virtual World RP Faction Regulations

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Virtual World RP Faction Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Sun May 28, 2017 8:19 pm

The following are the regulations regarding any and all Factions,  both legal and illegal. Failure to follow the regulations could result in your Faction being suspended or banned, or the leaders and participants of the Faction could be banned. The Regulations are subject to change.

Faction Regulations

Real Life Factions
Real life factions, whether legal or illegal are permitted in VWRP. Virtual World Role Play holds no ownership over any Faction therefore we are not responsible for any legal actions taken against an individual or group. If Virtual World Role Play is requested to remove a faction from the role play over trademark or copy right issue, we will not hesitate to do so.

Minimal Membership Upon Application
All factions, whether legal or illegal must have a minimum of 3 active members in VWRP to apply for the faction to be allowed into VWRP. Factions are allowed to have as many members as they want, however they need at least 3 active in VWRP to be able to be considered during the application process.

Maintain Constant Activity
All factions must show some forms of daily activity within VWRP in order to remain as an active faction within the community. Failure to show constant activity could result in your faction being archived and no longer active in VWRP.

Follow Country/State Faction Regulations
Every Country (Game) and State (Platform) may have different regulations to maintain factions, their activities, and abilities. Any faction that applies for activity is expected to not only know and understand all faction regulations, but they are also expected to follow them in accordance with the RP.

Faction Clothing, Accessories, Etc
All Factions are expected to have at least one item, accessory, piece of clothing, etc, that is specific to their Faction, and can be stolen by rivals, or taken by police raids, etc. All Faction Clothing is considered an On Hand Inventory item, and it is suggested any Faction member make a daily outfit with and without the Faction Clothing.

Archiving, Shut Down, And Reopen
All factions can be shut down on VWRP at anytime for varying reasons. If a faction becomes shut down for any reason, it will be archived. Any archived faction can be re-activated by at least one of the founding members (as long as the meet minimal requirements. Reasoning for shut down could be some of the following reasons, but not limited to; arrest, death, legal/illegal takeover, etc. Once a faction is archived, there is a "Cooling Off Period", where the faction cannot reapply for active status until a predetermined time has passed.

Faction Recruitment And Advertising
Legal factions are the only factions allowed to openly recruit on the forums, due to the fact that the only recruitment areas are located within In Character sections of the forum. Illegal factions are allowed to recruit, however it is best for any illegal faction to keep their illegalities discrete. Any and all information posted within the In Character sections, can potentially be used against an individual character, or a group of characters. Any illegal faction seen openly advertising their illegal actions and/or using them to recruit publicly, the faction may be locked and archived due to the lack of realism.

To Reactivate A Faction
Any faction can be reactivated after they have been archived for a predetermined amount of time. The reasoning for the archiving is to allow other factions to have the ability to attempt to take over rackets, territory, etc, that an illegal faction. Legal factions may be archived for the fact of corporate takeover, bankruptcy, etc, and may need to wait for the contract stipulations before they may try to relaunch their faction. Regardless of the reasoning for archiving, after the predetermined amount of time has passed, any faction may simply reapply to become an active faction within the RP.  

Any and all businesses in VWRP are not considered Factions and do not need to apply for Faction status. Only groups, crews, gangs, clubs, or anything that cannot apply for the proper business licenses and permits for the Country and/or State they are establishing in. Factions can attempt to set up their own businesses in the Country/State they are in, however that faction will need to apply for the proper permits and/or licensing needed for their proposed business.


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