Virtual World RP Overall Regulations

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Virtual World RP Overall Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Mon May 29, 2017 12:13 pm

Below are the Overall Rules that govern the entirety of VWRP. Failure to comply with these rules can result in banning from VWRP and its severs. If you have any questions regarding the rules, please contact a member of the staff. If you have any suggestions, please refer to our Suggestions Thread, located (location coming soon).

General Rules

1. No Meta-Gaming:
The act of using Out Of Character knowledge and applying it In Character within the Role Play is not permitted under an circumstances. All in In Character knowledge must be gained organically in the Role Play, either In Game, or via the In Character Sections of the Forums. Examples of this are as follows, but not limited to;
-Taking information from an section of the forums, or a thread marked ((OOC)) and applying it In Game without In Character knowledge of the event or information.
-Taking information in the Out Of Character Channels on Discord marked ((OOC)) and applying it In Game without In Character knowledge of the event or information.

2. No Revenge/Random Killing (Deathmatching):
The act of killing without any or little in game reasoning, also known as Random Killing, is not permitted under any circumstances. The act of killing a charter out of revenge for a prior killing of your character is not permitted, unless it plays organically into the Role Play. Examples of Revenge and Random Killing are as follows, but not limited to;
-Killing for to simply gain the attention of authorities.
-Killing for the attempt to relieve boredom or lack of events.
-Killing a character that has no association to you, other than that they killed your previous character.

3. No Spawn Killing:
Every character has the right to spawn in without the worry of being killed or attacked before one can even properly defend one's self. Therefore all characters who do not load into a safe space, such as a home, business or property, they must inform anyone who is near them that they are ready to RP. This way we can avoid any spawning in issues. With this being said, do not use this as a way to avoid RP events, such as possible death and/or arrest.

4. No Power-Gaming:
The act of forcing another user to role play the way you want to without any input or consent of all those involved is not permitted in any circumstances and is considered Power-gaming. All parties involved with the RP event have a right to input to the event for the sake of the character. You may try to influence all parties in the outcome of the event, but you have no right to speak for another user's character.

5. No Server/Lobby Jumping:
The act of leaving a server or lobby to avoid a RP event is not permitted in any way. All user's are expected to RP out events properly and accept any in game consequence that could happen as a result. We do understand that user's can lag out, and accidentally drop out of a server/lobby, simply rejoin, inform those you were involved with before drop, and continue the RP event from where it was left off.

6. No Vehicle Killing:
The use of vehicle as a weapon, without it being organically RPed as an event, is not permitted. Any vehicle kill or attack without proper role play and the consent of all involved, will be seen as Vehicle Killing, and be dealt with. If you wish to role play a hit-and-run event, or serious vehicle accident, make sure all involved are on board with said event.

7. Character Killing Must Be Approved:
This is a perma-death lobby, and characters will die, however suicide, terrorism, and major acts of death must be approved by Administration and overseen by staff. Character killing due to consequence (gang shooting, cop shooting, mugging, etc) must fall within the perma-death regulations of the country (game). Failure to gain approval could result in issues with creating another character and getting back involved with the world.

8. One Active Character Per Master Account:
To avoid confusion and any double identity issues, all user's are only allowed to have one active character at a time. You can take your character to other countries (games) and states (platforms), however it is suggested to make sure your character is informed on other countries/states' laws and how their respected visa/citizenship system works. If user's wish to take the risk, they can try to illegally travel to other countries/states without the proper paperwork with their character, however they may be charged, arrested and deported.

9. Permanent Death:
Like stated above in the Character Killing section, this is a perma-death RP, and all user's are expected to know how their respected country/state's perma-death regulations. If your character is travelling, or moving to another country/state, it is up to the user to make sure they understand the perma-death regulations regarding the country/state they are travelling/moving to.

10. Role Play Honestly:
This is a dedicated community that is passionate about role playing, and creating a rich and deep experience for all involved. The only way for this RP community to flourish is with honest and fair role playing by all users, regardless of the event or situation that is happening. Though the staff put in a lot of time and dedication to this RP, it is the users and their characters that ultimately make, and shape the future of the RP. You are one of those important individuals who helps bring life to this RP, lets not ruin the rich world we have all helped form.

11. No Pointless Authority Harassment:
Harassing and trolling Authorities for no reason, or with no organic value to the RP, is not permitted by any means. Characters may follow Authorities just as Authorities may follow Characters, however bothering Authorities just to be an annoyance or for petty Prison Sentencing is not permitted in any way. Interactions with Authorities should be organic with the Character(s) involved, and the circumstance(s) of the situation.



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