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Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:54 pm

Inventory Moderator (US Of GTA Only)
An Inventory Moderator is an aid to the Inventory Section and are in charge of maintaining and updating character's Inventory Sections. Users who become Inventory Moderator are expected to be unbiased, active, dedicated, and to not take advantage of their position in any way.

Discord Moderator
Discord Moderators are to aid characters if they have any issues, and are to maintain order and authentic RP environments. Discord Moderators are expected to be dedicated, active, unbiased, diligent, and approachable.  

Lobby Host (US Of GTA Only)
Lobby Hosts are in charge of making sure lobbies are operating for both Xbox and PS4. When a lobby becomes nearly full, lobby Hosts work together to maintain the capacity of servers. Lobby Hosts are expected to be active, honest, and good working as a team.

Forum Moderator
A Forum Moderator is in charge of maintain order, civility, organization of the entirety of the forums. Forum Moderators are not in charge of sections maintained by other staff members. Forum Moderators must be active, dedicated, honest, and diligent when maintaining the forums.

Banking Moderator

Game Moderator

Application Moderator



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