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Talon Sobral's Character Application Empty Talon Sobral's Character Application

Post by xPadrinho-AC3 on Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:08 pm

Title Of The Topic: Talon Red Hawk's Application
Character's Full Name: Talon "Red Hawk" Sobral
Character's Date Of Birth: June 7, 1993
Character's Age: 23
Character's Ethnicity: Oglala Sioux and Portuguese
Character Eye Color: Brown
Character Hair Style And Color: Short Black Hair
Character's Tattoos Or Features: A My Crazy Life Tattoo on the left forearm, Bricks tattoo on the left hand, Eagle tattoo on upper right arm.
Character's Sex: Male
Character Origin: Red County
Character's Residencial State: Playstation
Character History: Talon Sobral was born on June 7, 1993 in Red County to a Oglala Sioux mother and a Portuguese father. His mother Cynthia Campbell was of the Crazy Horse clan, she moved to Red County to find a better life. She found it when she met Rafael Sobral, a Portuguese immigrant that also moved to Red County in search of a better life. He was a fisherman and made his money by going out on his boat everyday and selling his daily catch. Cynthia found a job working as a receptionist at the local hospital. They married in 1990. In 1993 they had Talon Sobral. He was given the name Red Hawk after his grandfather Wolf Red Hawk which was her mother father. He was an outlaw biker but his outlaw ways settled down when his first grandson was brought into this world. Talon was raised in a middle classed family. He got into martial arts at a young age and took up Brazilian Jujitsu at age 6. At age 13 he started boxing. He learned quick and was very dedicated. He won the 2008 Golden Gloves Championship at age 15. He was also a great student and passed every class. He showed promise of becoming a great fighter as well his his amateur record of 45-7. This all changed when Wolf was murdered by a rival MC in Los Santos. Talon and Wolf were really close. Instead of going to college or continuing his amateur career he decided to avenge his grandfathers death. He moved to San Andreas in 2011 in search of his grandfathers killers. When he first arrived he was broke, had nothing but the clothes on his back. So he started fighting for money in underground pit fights. Eventually he managed to get a job as a street sweeper and hauled trash for a job. It didn't pay good so he continued fighting underground. He was surprised to find out that his friend Stockton Thatcher so they met up and it was like old times. Eventually Talon saved up to get a bike so he could ride with Stockton and their other buddies and together they formed Ion Mayhem MC. Talon is still on the look to find more information on his grandfathers killers. He wont stop till they all lie six feet under.
Character Skills: Great Fighter/Martial Artist, Fisherman, Very Humble.
Character Weaknesses: Can let his emotions get the best of him sometimes.

Master Account: xPadrinho-AC3
Master PSN/GT: xPadrinho-AC3 Playstation 4

I, (xPadrinho-AC3), am signing up to VWRP with the following character, (Talon Sobral) on (Playstation). I have read all of the VWRP Regulations, and I understand the consequences of violating said regulations. I will RP honestly, and as realistically as I can, and look forward to impacting the Virtual World around me.


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