Virtual World RP GTA Inventory Regulations

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Virtual World RP GTA Inventory Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Mon May 29, 2017 12:32 pm

The following are the regulations regarding the VWRP GTA Inventory System to track and maintain all character belongings, properties, finances, etc. Any and all information found in the Inventory System is considered Out Of Character, and can only be used in game if a character know the information organically (it was found out in game, In Character). Failure to follow these regulations could result in action being taken against the individual(s) involved. Only staff of Virtual World Role Play can change and modify a character's inventory, however a character can request to update or modify their inventory at any time. For more information on accessing your character's inventory, see below.

Accessing Your Character's Inventory
Any and all character's may access their own inventory at any time by contacting the Contact Staff Channel in the County and City Servers in the Virtual World RP Discord List. Any modifications may take a few moments to be updated and showing, however they will be done within the time needed for any and all characters. Only VWRP Staff are allowed to update a character's inventory as to maintain honest and accurate information. Verification through role play ID cards may be needed to process the modification. Any and all notifications/replies from VWRP Staff will be sent directly to the individual.

The Inventory System is broken down into categories to be more easy to read, organize, and maintain, while the role play continues to evolve around it. The categories are as follows; On Hand, Character, Consumables, Clothing, Items, Vehicles, Properties. Below is a brief explanation of each category.

On Hand
On Hand items are any items that your character carry on them, or have on them while you play. This includes Faction Clothing, weapons, money, consumables, items, personal cards, vehicle keys, property keys, etc. On Hand items, can be taken/stolen from the character that has them if they are frisked, knocked unconscious, or seriously injured in game.

All tattoos, and physical modifications a character does via a barber shop, salon, or tattoo parlor are located here for proof of ownership and allowed usage. If a tattoo, hair style, make up style, etc, is not listed under a character's inventory, they do not own it in the role play.

Any and all Consumable items that a character owns are located under this category. This also includes any drugs, as they are all considered consumable objects within the role play. If a consumable is not listed under a character's inventory, they do not own it in the role play.

Any and all clothing, jewelry, accessories, masks, gloves, hats, helmets, etc, that your character own will be listed here for the character to use and store. Only clothing listed here, and in the On Hand section are the only pieces of clothing your character may use in the role play, and anything not listed, they do not own in the role play.

Items are role play specific items that are needed for drug production, property renovation, vehicle repair/modification, etc, that are currently being stored or is currently unused by the character that owns/purchased them. Property and vehicle modifications and parts that have been used for their intended purpose, or are currently in use, will be listed with whatever they are being used for. If any item is not listed here, then the character does not own the item(s) and cannot modify/produce with them.

Any and all vehicles a character owns are listed in this category. This includes all modifications the vehicles have currently listed with the vehicle they are in use for. Any vehicles that are listed in this category, are the only vehicles the role play recognizes your character owning.

Any and all properties owned by a character are listed in this category, including any renovations done to the properties owned. Character's can define who has access to their owned property by listing "Key Holders", who are other characters that allowed access to a property, even if the owner is not online at the time of use. Only properties that the role play recognizes the character owns are listed here.


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