Virtual World RP GTA Storage And Weight Regulations

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Virtual World RP GTA Storage And Weight Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:44 pm

All properties and most vehicles have storage capacity which can be utilized by the character that owns said property or vehicle. Below are the regulations regarding storage and weight.

Base Weight Calibration
As mentioned in the Drug Production And Distribution Regulations, VWRP has a very simplistic, but effective weight breakdown system. This basic system is listed below.

1 Usage Equals 1 Unit
10 Units Equals 1 Gram
28 Grams Equals 1 Ounce
16 Ounces Equals 1 Pound
25 Pounds Equals 1 Crate
50 Crates Equals 1 Container

Ammunition And Weapons Weight Breakdown
Ammunition and weapons also carry a basic weight system which works into our basic weight breakdown. Below is our ammunation and weapons breakdown.

25 Weapon Modifications Equals 1 Crate
50 Extended Magazines Equals 1 Crate
20 Barrel Drum Magazines Equals 1 Crate
75 Stock Magazines Equals 1 Crate
25 Two-Handed Weapons Equals 1 Crate
50 One-Handed Weapons Equals 1 Crate
15 Explosives Equals 1 Crate
5 Misses And Launchers Equals 1 Crate

Property Storage Regulations
All Properties have base storage regulations to allow characters to store items they have purchased for anytime they need them. All garages attached to apartments are considered storage units for their respected apartment.  Properties that are simply garages can be used for whatever purpose the owner sees fit. Below are the regulations regarding property storage.

2 Car Garage Properties Equals 1 Container
6 Car Garage Properties Equals 3 Containers
10 Car Garage Properties Equals 6 Containers
Clubhouse Properties Equals 10 Containers
Small Warehouse Properties Equals 25 Containers
Medium Warehouse Properties Equals 50 Containers
Large Warehouse Properties Equals 90 Containers
Yacht Properties Equals 30 Containers
Business Properties Equals 50 Crates

Vehicle Storage Regulations
Most vehicles that are purchasable by characters can store items in it, via a trunk, trailer, box/cube body, saddlebags, etc. Below are the basic storage regulations for all vehicles that can carry items in it.

Basic Trunk Equals 2 Crates
Hatchback Trunks Equals 1 Crate
Cube Vans Equals 4 Crates
Basic Trucks Equals 3 Crates
Large Trucks Equals 5 Crates
Small Transport Vehicles Equals 25 Crates
Large Transport Vehicles Equals 1 Container  
Small Aircraft/Seacrafts Equals 2 Containers
Large Aircraft/Seacrafts Equals 10 Containers
Hardbody Saddlebags Equals 1 Crate
Leather Saddlebags Equals 12.5 Pounds (.5 Crate)


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