Virtual World RP General GTA Regulations

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Virtual World RP General GTA Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Sun May 28, 2017 8:28 pm

1. Free Aim Only:
Auto Aim, and Free Aim Assist are not allowed to be used in the RP. This is to limit accidental killings, or shootings by locking onto the wrong target. This will also insure that all players who shoot someone, had done so with thought and intent.  

2. All Sessions Must Be Hosted By Staff:
All sessions, regardless if it is private, or an event, must be hosted by a member of staff. This is to insure that if any staff assistance is needed, a staff member is present. This also is to insure that no one will want to break any rule or regulations that govern the VWRP. Note that any sessions that are hosted by non-staff are unofficial and anything that happens within them will not be counted within the roleplay.

3. Any And All Modifications Must Be Purchased Via Role Play:
Any, and all modifications for any object, character, and/or property in game, must be purchased in RP. This is to keep all staff aware of what you have, and so your OOC inventory, and information can be updated daily. Failure to comply will result in your property, and/or object to no longer be used in the RP.

4. No Radar/HUD/Overhead Display:
No radar is allowed to be used in the RP, and is not permitted in aiding with missions, and destinations. HUD is only permitted for specialty roles within the role play, such as EMS. You are not allowed to use it to find specific characters, and all information pertaining to someone's whereabouts must be obtained in game, and in character. You should have received a map with the purchase of the game, and there are maps available on the Forum for you to use. You have none of these in real life, and is not permitted here.

5. Insurance Based (& Loopholes) Permanent Death:
The Prema-Death system is based on an Insurance based system, which is controlled by the insurance a character has, and the life threatening injury they have sustained. If a character can afford their insurance to cover their injury, they will live from the injuries they have sustained. If they cannot pay out the money needed to cover their injuries, then unfortunately they will die from their injuries. To get more information on the insurance and what they cover, costs, premiums, etc, please look at Mors Mutual Insurance. If a player is looking for other methods to prevent death, there are other methods like; black market doctors, drugs, etc.

6. Social Club:
Any and all social clubs are allowed to be used for the RP, and VWRP hold no control over them, their rankings, their activity, etc, on the Social Club website. Even if a faction becomes inactive and is locked and archived, we do not expect the Social Club crew to close, or if a leader is killed in the RP, they will be dead in the RP, but we do not expect them to give up their Social Club crew. For any further clarification, please contact a member of staff.

7. Media
Any and all media made by users for Virtual World Role Play is owned by the user/creator of the content. Virtual World Role Play hold no ownership over any creator's works. It is expected that all users will respect creator wishes, and use, post, share, etc, any content the creator has expressed not to use.

8. Map Abuse
Map abuse is the concept of constantly checking the map via the pause menu, to locate other players, events, etc, and not organically discovering a players location, event, etc. Abuse of the map in game will can result in a banning from the role play for a predetermined period of time. Consistent abuse of the map will result in permanent banning.


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