Virtual World RP GTA Interactive Menu Regulations

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Virtual World RP GTA Interactive Menu Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Sun May 28, 2017 8:46 pm

Interactive Menu
The following are the regulations regarding the Interactive Menu, and what players can or cannot use in RP with their character.

-Player may use the CEO/Biker option to allow others the ability to enter properties.

-Using CEO/Biker abilities such as dropping weapons/armour/boosts, bribing authorities, or giving an unrealistic adavntage in the RP, are not permitted for use in VWRP.

-Authorities may use the CEO option of bribing authorities to avoid any NPC involvment in player based authority procedure.

-Player Vehicle Permissions and Targeting Priority should be set to Everyone, as to allow the possibility of vehicle theft, and accidental friendly fire.

-Players may call in a vehicle if it has disappeared without reason, and have permission from VWRP Staff.

-Ammunition cannot be purchased through the Interactive Menu, and must be purchased via a gun store, or in game seller.

-Consumables must be purchased in the RP before they will be recognized in game and considered consumable.

-Accessories, hats, helmets, masks gloves, and other small clothing items that are in a Character's On Hand Inventory, may be changed through the Interactive Menu.


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