Virtual World RP GTA Customization Regulations

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Virtual World RP GTA Customization Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Sun May 28, 2017 8:58 pm

Customization Regulations
Customization is a fun and enjoyable aspect of making your character unique to you, and in VWRP we aim to have a realistic approach to character, property, weaponry, and vehicles. Below you will find the regulations for all of the customization options available in the United States Of GTA.

Character Customization: Clothing, Make-Up, Tattoos, Hairstyle, Etc
Mostly all Character Customization must be purchased In Game or Online (on the forum), in order to be available to use on your character. To purchase an item from a store, notify the staff of the store you are shopping at, and notify them you wish to make a purchase, and they will assist you in the transaction, or order the item online if it is not available in store and have it shipped to your home. (For more information on how to complete a purchase/transaction, see below)

Property: Renovation
All Properties purchased In Game start with the stock interiors, regardless of property (unless previously owned and renovated). Customization to any property can be done through purchasing the material In Game or Online (on the forum), in order for your property to be updated. To purchase In Game, Character's must go to YouTool and speak with a staff member of YouTool. The staff member will assist you in your purchases, or if ordered online, the material will be shipped to your home. Characters can also complete their own renovations if they have purchased the materials and tools to do so, or they can pay YouTool employees to assist with the renovations.

Vehicle Customization
All vehicles purchased must start stock if bought from the Manufacturer. If purchased through a private seller, the Vehicle Customization must be to the specifications of the seller. To purchase Customization for a vehicle , a character must purchase the modification(s) In Game at a Vehicle Modification Garage, or a character can purchase the modification(s) online (on the forum) if they have a Modification Garage and the Tools to complete the installation.

Weapon Modification
All weapons that are sold from the manufacturer or from a public store are sold stock (unless purchased through a private seller). Any and all modifications for weapons must be purchased through the roleplay, either in game or online. Once purchased through the RP, characters may attach the modification to the respected weapon.

All purchases and transactions are overseen by VWRP Staff, however they can be controlled by both all parties involved. Characters may pay by whatever means is negotiated with the seller, and the transaction will be processed by VWRP Staff shortly after the transaction is agreed upon by all parties.


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