Virtual World RP GTA Prison Regulations

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Virtual World RP GTA Prison Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Sun May 28, 2017 9:02 pm

Prison Uniform
The Prison Uniform for all convicted felons currently serving their sentence is as follows;
Male Convicted Felon
-White T-Shirt, White Tank Top, or No Shirt
-Orange Chinos
-White Plain Hi Tops Sneakers
- Bandana, Cap, Beanie Optional
Female Convicted Felon
-White T-Shirt, or White Tank Top
-Orange Chinos
-White Plain Hi Tops Sneakers
-Bandana, Cap, Beanie Optional

Prison Blocks
When convicted, all Felons will be place in Blocks (either Block 1or Block 2) and will receive the proper Identification upon being processed into the system. If you are a Convicted Felon currently serving time, and you have not been processed an given your Permissions with your Identification, please contact employees of the Court and Justice System, or the Staff of VWRP.

Serving Convicted Felon Permissions
Once a Convicted Felon who is Serving a Sentence, has been processed, they will have their Forum and Discord Permissions adapted to only be able to access the Prions Sections/Servers. Felons will not be able to access any Sections or Servers that are designated for free citizens and active Factions and Businesses, however Felons can set up Visitation Rights and set up Visitations with friends and family outside of the Prison. Felons can also talk with Authorities if they choose to, however for those that are reluctant, Authorities can try to bribe or coax Felons into plea deals, or other deals with Authorities. For more information on Visitations, please read below.

VWRP aim to be as realistic as GTA will allow, an we try remain true with Sentencing. The Penal Code dictates base Sentencing limits, which can be combine when dealing with multiple charges, further expanding a Sentence. All citizens have the right to fight their charges in court, however if found guilty,they will be forced to pay for the Court fees, on top of the Sentencing. All Convicted Felons must serve a minimal number of hours In Game, before they may attempt to get probation or parole through the courts. If a Convicted isn't awarded probation or parole, they may try again after they serve the minimal of In Game hours. If a Sentence goes beyond a designated hour (as dictated by the Federal Capitol Punishment Act), a Felon can apply for the Death Penalty.

Visitation must be scheduled in the Justice and Prison Section, and all Felons Serving must list their requested visitors to staff of the Prison. The Prison will work out a schedule, allowing for 1 hour Visitations with friends and/or family. These Visitations are monitored by the Prison staff and can be given to Authorities if there is any information regarding an active/on going case.

Members of Authority (such as the District Attorney, Federal Agents, State Detectives, etc) may request Visitation Rights with a Felon, without the Felon's consent or knowledge. With that, it is at the Felon's discretion to cooperate with Authorities, however cooperation could result in a shortening of Sentencing, Early Parole, Witness Protection, etc.

All Visitations are done via Discord in the Visitation Channels, or In Game in the Visitation Mode.. Any and all other Visitations that take place outside of Discord or the Visitation Mode are considered Out Of Character conversations and interactions.

Court is a game mode that is designated for any an all legal disputes. Any disputes settled out of the Court Mode, will be considered an Out Of Court Settlement. Any citizen can be called to be a Jury Member in Court, and any citizen may request the need of the courts to settle any legal disputes.


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