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Character Application Template  Empty Character Application Template

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:00 am

Please fill copy this application template for your character application and post it with the of your character's name.

Title Of The Topic:  (Character Name) Application
Character's Full Name:  Type Your Character's Name
Character's Date Of Birth: Month, Day, Year
Character's Age: How Many Years Old
Character's Ethnicity: Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Etc
Character Eye Color: Please List Your Character's Eye Color.
Character Hair Style And Color Please List Your Character's Hair Style And Color.
Character's Tattoos Or Features: List Any Unique Physical Features Or Any Starting Tattoos (Max Of 4 With A New Character)
Character's Sex: Male Or Female
Character Origin: Was Your Character Born In The United States Of GTA, Or Another Country.
Character's Residencial State: Xbox Or Playstation
Character History: Please Write Down Any And All Character History. There Is No Limit To How Long Or How  Much Detail You Wish To Include.
Character Skills: Any And All Skills Your Character Has.
Character Weaknesses: Any And All Weaknesses Your Character Has.

Master Account: Please Provide Your VWRP Account Name
Master PSN/GT: Please List Your Handle, And Please Specify The Platform

I, (Insert Master Account Name), am signing up to VWRP with the following character, (Insert Character Name) on (Insert State AKA Platform). I have read all of the VWRP Regulations, and I understand the consequences of violating said regulations. I will RP honestly, and as realistically as I can, and look forward to impacting the Virtual World around me.


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