Virtual World RP GTA Cellphone And Email Regulations

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Virtual World RP GTA Cellphone And Email Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Sun May 28, 2017 9:08 pm

In Game Cell Phone And In Game Email
Due to the fact that In Game communication is poor in quality and the In Game Email is one of the most unused abilities in GTA Online, both are not used in VWRP. A Characters In Game Cellphone will only be used as a camera for In Game activities. Other uses such as a communication with the In Game Cellphone and/or Email, are not permitted and will be considered Out Of Character communications, and will hold no grounds in the RP. To attempt to obtain Staff approval, please use the Contact Staff Channel in the County and City Discord Servers. Any and all notifications/replies from Staff will be sent directly to the character via Discord.

Use of the In Game Internet via the In Game Cellphone is allowed for storing of In Game funds, and to purchase In Game Property or Vehicles after they have been purchased in the role play. Failure to purchase the item in the RP will result in the RP no recognizing a character's ownership of said item or property. Continued use of a vehicle or property in the RP that has not been purchased in the RP will result in a ban.

NPC Contacts
Most NPC contacts found in the In Game Phone are not needed in the role play, and need VWRP Staff approval before use (examples of this are; Mors Insurance, Mechanic, Lester, Etc). Failure to obtain Staff approval for usage could result in a ban. Police may use Lester to lose a wanted level they may gain for an on duty action, as cops being wanted for serving the RP will break immersion for the players. Another method that Police, or LEOs can use to prevent getting a wanted level is to set up a CEO In Game, that is for the active LEOs on duty. EMS and FD may also use these methods when conducting on duty tasks. Police may also allow a citizen to call Lester, if the NPC police are impeding on the player controlled LEO's work.


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