Virtual World RP Character Regulations

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Virtual World RP Character Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Mon May 29, 2017 12:02 pm

The following are the regulations regarding Characters and Character Application.

No Character Under The Age Of 16
Due to the adult nature of this RP no Character is allowed to be below the age of 16. Characters may be 16 years of age, however they will most likely be questioned by Authorities for not being in school, if seen on the streets. Any member who attempts to apply for a character who is under the age of 16 will automatically be denied.

Celebrity Names
Celebrity Names are not suggested for Character use, unless a member can write a deep and organic back history to the naming of the Character. If Administration deems that the reasoning for the name is not sufficient, the application will be denied until a better name is chosen.

Rich History
In most Countries (games) and States (platforms) all Characters will start off with the same amount of funds and resources. Character Applications with unfair advantages will be denied, examples of this are as follows, but not limited to; Rich/Well-off upbringing, inherited wealth, etc. All forms of wealth must be accumulated via the RP.

Poor History
Like stated above most Countries and States (Games and Platforms) have all Characters start with the same funds and resources. With this being stated, if you wish to start your Character with a disadvantage, you may do so. It is recommended you specify in your Character Application, as to how you are giving your Character a disadvantage.

Tattoos, And Personal Belongings
With the intent of an even starting point for all new Characters, all Characters only start with what their respect Country (Game) and/or State (Platform) regulates for them. There are no exceptions to this, most Countries and/or States have their own specific starting regulations, which must be followed.

Any member can attempt to create a Character of any ethnic and sexual origin. The only regulations with that, is that the member portraying the Character must be believable and realistic. If your Character has an accent due to their ethnic background, make sure you can portraying the accent realistically.


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