Virtual World RP GTA Perma-Death Regulations

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Virtual World RP GTA Perma-Death Regulations

Post by The1TheTrueGonzo on Sun May 28, 2017 8:42 pm

Permanent Death And Injury Regulations
The following are the regulations regarding injury and permanent death within the United States Of GTA. Failure to understand and follow these regulations could result in actions being taken against any individual and could result in banning.

Death/Critical Injury
Death is an inevitably in reality and, as such is a reality within VWRP. Death is controlled by a Character's Insurance Coverage and the Critical Injury they have sustained. A Critical Injury is any downing of a character by gunfire, explosion, vehicle accident, stabbing, bludgeoning, falling from excessive heights, etc (beat downs/fist fights only render a Knock Out, however can still result in an Injury). A character can survive a Critical Injury if they can cover the medical costs their insurance provider won't, however there could be permanent injuries (see below) that could impact how a character can played. If a Character cannot afford the medical treatment​ for a Critical Injury, then that Character dies from their Critical Injury. (To see if the insurance your character has is correct, please check Mors Mutual Insurance.)

Injuries are sustained either through multiple Knock Outs or through surviving a Critical Injury. Not every Character that survives a Critical Injury or receives multiple Knock Outs will sustain an Injury or Injuries, although not every Character will be so lucky. Injuries can impact a Character's ability to drive/ride specific vehicles, use specific weapons, to be around specific drugs/chemicals, etc. In order for Characters to have the best chances of not sustaining any Injury is to make sure your Character has the proper Insurance for their lifestyle.

Black Market Medical Care
Any character can attempt to receive Black Market Medical Care to avoid having the Critical Injury from impacting their Insurance and effecting their Premiums. However there is the risk of improper Medical Treatment which could impact later Medical Treatment, Permanent Injury, and even trouble with you and your Insurance provider. Black Market Medical Care could also carry possible fines, charges, and jail time.

Reporting A Critical Injury
If you are Knocked Out or Critically Injured you must go back to where you were injured, and stand in that location. After a character has returned to where they were injured, they must allow for the event they were part of, to finish playing out, and then they must contact VWRP Staff via the Contact Staff Channel in the County and City Discord Servers. When reporting staff, be sure to include the following; what happened, where, why it happened, who was involved, and if your character is under the influence of anything. Once it is reported, VWRP will contact the proper authorities with the information needed for an investigation and the character will be informed on when and how they can inform their Insurance Provider (if they are getting legal medical attention). If you were simply knocked unconscious, VWRP Staff will inform you when you have regained consciousness. Any and all notifications/replies from VWRP will be sent directly to the character in Discord.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact administration.


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